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I enjoy building curricula that meet the varied needs, goals, and aspirations of students who are interested in working inside and outside of academia. I developed a bachelor's degree program in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies (MWGS) at Texas Woman's University. It is the first WGS program in the country with concentrations in general study, health, and community leadership. 


I also co-created and co-taught with Sheri Davis (Senior Director of Women Innovating Labor Leadership at Rutgers University) the first cross-listed courses about race, gender, and labor between Spelman College, Rutgers University, and the Advancing Black Strategists Initiative (ABSI). 

  • Undergraduate Courses
    Rutgers University Undergraduate Courses: Working Women in American Society Black Workers in American Society Women Taking the Lead: Race, Migrations, and Labor (Co-Instructor: Dr. Sheri Davis, Executive Director, Center for Innovation in Worker Organization)* Texas Woman's University Undergraduate Courses: Gender and Social Change: An Introduction to Multicultural Women’s Studies, Honors Section US Women of Colors Feminist Theory Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies Senior Capstone* Feminist Research Methods* Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies Practicum* Rutgers University - Newark Transnational Feminisms Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies History of Race, Women, and Labor in America Black Feminist Theory in a Global and Historical Context Politics of Sexuality *Courses created by me
  • Graduate Courses
    Rutgers University Labor History, 1880-1945 Women Taking the Lead: Race, Migrations, and Labor Texas Woman's University ​ Women at Work: Race, Migrations, and Labors* Black Feminist Thought* ​ US Women of Colors ​ Feminist/Womanist Theories ​ The Politics of Motherhood ​ Independent Study: Feminist and Postmodernist Theories of Gender and Sexuality* ​ Independent Study: Beyonce’s “Lemonade” and the History of Womanist Thought* ​ Doctoral Independent Study: Feminist Archival Research Methods and Practicum: Creating the Marcia Niemann Feminist Activism Collection* ​ Master’s Internship Course: Research and Workshop Development at RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, Fort Worth, TX office)* *Courses created by me
  • Cross-Listed Courses
    Texas Woman's University & Rutgers University Covid-19 & Black Workers: Race, Gender, and Labor* Spelman College, Rutgers University, & Advancing Black Strategists Initiative Fellowship Program Women Taking the Lead: Race, Gender, and Labor* *Courses created by me
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