Selected Public Talks & Interviews.


  •  "What happened after the 1881 Washerwomen’s Strike? The History of African American Domestic Worker Activism in Atlanta, Georgia," Launch of the Black Labor Strategists Initiative, Morehouse College (delayed, Covid-19, 2020)

  • “Women’s History Month Community Roundtable Discussion,” Invited by Dr. Susan Harper, Student Services Associate Director, University of North Texas, Dallas Campus. 


  • Danielle Phillips-Cunningham,“Womanist Thought and Cultural History in Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade,” City of Dallas Public Library. Invited by Alexandria McClemore, Dallas Library Associate, Literature, Language, and Religion Division.

  • Danielle Phillips-Cunningham, “The history of Black women’s political leadership,” IGNITE Texas Conference Speaker. Invited by Whitney Thomas, Development Manager for IGNITE.



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